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GST Return Filing Chennai

It is important for any business (Please refer to the threshold limit and admissibility criteria to confirm if GST FILING is mandatory for your nature businesses) to file GST Return because GST Return is a document that is mandatorily required to be filed as per the law.

GST taxpayer has to submit as many as 3 returns on a monthly basis and one annually. We can help you file these returns online. There are three types of Return filing.

GSTR-1- This is in regard to Outward supplies and needs to be filed by 10th of each month.

GSTR-2- This is in regard to Inward supplies and needs to be filed by 15th of each month.

GSTR-3-This one needs to be filed monthly and is due on the 20th of each month.

Apart from these above returns, there is an additional mandatory return called an annual return which needs to be filed by December 31. A requisite GST reconciliation statement has to be duly performed by the appointed chartered accountant.



all inclusive fees

Filing of one NIL GST return. Inclusive of service tax.


all inclusive fees

One GST return filing will less than 25 transactions. Inclusive of service tax.


all inclusive fees

One GST return filing will less than 100 transactions. Inclusive of service tax.

How we help with income tax return filing

ACCASYS.com can help you complete your FILING PROCESS in 3 to 5 days, but we suggest you furnish the required details by 3rd of the filing month in order to avoid errors/ delays

Information Collection

An ACCASYS GST Expert will collect the necessary information (contact no of Person receiving OTP) and documents (Sales and Purchases details in prescribed form) for preparation of GST return for your business.

GST Return Prepartion

Based on the documents and information collected, an ACCASYS GST expert will prepare your GST return and send in for your approval

GST Return Filing

The Final stage is verification after which we will send in for your approval, our GST expert will file in your GST return for completion.